Therapeutic Yoga For Seniors 3wks

Note: This session meets on Thursdays at 6:15-7:15 pm at the Bedford Boys Ranch.  Classes are Jan 11, 18 & 25.   There is a $5 additional fee for non-residents.  Please bring your own yoga mat. All other equipment/props will be provided.

Do you want to try yoga but can’t find a class that is right for you?  Come try this unique class that combines therapeutic exercises with yoga and see if it’s right for you.   Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors is a class that is specifically designed for people 55 years and older.   It honors the changes in the body as you age, challenging you in a safe manner.  You will explore gentle, non-traditional postures (and a few traditional postures too) to strengthen common areas of weakness, learn proper breathing techniques to give you energy and vitality, and discover basic meditation to help calm and focus your mind.

The instructor keeps the atmosphere light and fun and breaks down postures so they are less intimidating, especially for the new student that has never tried yoga before.  The only prerequisite for this class is the ability to get on and off the floor.  Postures will be done on the floor, in a chair, and standing up.  Props will be used for modifications as needed.


What Students Are Saying

“First time to take a yoga class.  Just retired and wanted to try yoga, but thought it might be difficult for me to keep up until I saw the seniors yoga.  I like the pace of the class.  It is just what I was looking for and will continue.  I am encouraging my friends to sign up.”

Natasha is the best yoga instructor I have ever had (through my 40 years of classes off and on).  I would imagine it is because of her training and background and she seems completely at ease with the 55+ age class attendees.” Kathy T

“Natasha is a caring, detailed, explicit and thorough teacher; great attitude, patient – overall a wonderful instructor.” Heidi M

“I like the slow pace of the class for us beginners.  Natasha is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor.”