Making the commitment to get healthy has to start somewhere and yoga is a great place to start. Keep in mind, that yoga is not a one size fits all. Although the trend in western culture for yoga classes is one towards harder and harder classes, we like to take a completely different approach. In our classes we use therapeutic principles supported by science and apply them to yoga postures. We break down postures so that they make sense and allow you to practice the different components of the posture individually.  This corrects neuromuscular imbalances, protecting you from injury.

It may surprise you to learn that neuromuscular imbalances develop from everyday activities.  Repetition or using poor posture, over time, causes your body to weaken in certain areas while other areas develop too much and tighten.  This means getting in and out of a car over and over again, slouching while sitting, or simply being right-handed can cause imbalances.  Even physical activity like long distance running and repetitive throwing like in baseball can have the same effect since the body is repeating the same of motion over and over again.  Poor posture, essentially the inability to hold the body in the right position, is also seen in physical activity.   For example, this can occur when performing yoga postures that are too difficult and your body is not ready for.

Although some of these activities can be avoided, and should be, some of them are part of your daily routine.  So, our approach is to reverse the body’s natural tendency towards imbalance created from your daily routine by slowly building strength and flexibility in the right areas to keep you healthy, injury-free, and able to continue the activities you enjoy.

But for us, yoga does not stop there.  By practicing our type of yoga, you also open yourself up to experiencing physiologic and mood changes that can lead to a happier, healthier life. Through slow-paced practice, proper breathing techniques, and basic meditation, you can create an internal environment that helps fight the effects of stress.  Although it cannot be said that stress causes disease, science has shown and many in the medical community agree, stress can weaken the body’s ability to fight disease.   And finally, our type of yoga builds awareness, the ability to be attentive to what is in front of you, which many believe is the foundation for mental wellbeing.


Class Overview

You can choose to bring this class to your organization, community, or group or attend a class at a location near you.  Class are usually offered in 6 or 7 week sessions, with each class lasting 1 hour,  although exceptions may apply.  Each class includes breath training, non-traditional and traditional yoga postures, and basic meditation techiniques.


Benefits of Happy Movements Yoga

  • Improved energy and mood
  • Physiologic changes that combat stress-related conditions
  • Practice in a safe environment and reduce the risk of injury
  • Correct body’s natural tendency to ‘collapse’ in certain areas
  • Strength and flexibility that are relavent for everyday activities